Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gearing For Solano Storm – Solano Retailers Expecting Slower Sales In Upcoming Days

Local meteorologists are forecasting a string of northern California storms beginning today and extending into next week. The City of Fairfield is urging residents to make preparations now before the storms affect our area.

Sandbags and sand may be available per your city’s web site for free in limited quantities. Or buy storm sand bags and sand at your hardware store such as Home Depot or Orchard Supply.

Foster Lumber at 1601 West Texas Street in Fairfield near highway I-80 has them too.

Only fill sand bags maybe half full. Smaller bags pack tighter. Smaller bags can be easier to handle, thus avoiding back injuries. Overfilled sand bags can leave gaps that allow water to flow right through.

Make sure drains on your commercial real estate property are continually kept clear.  This can avoid future Solano floods. If water is pooling around a Solano storm drain inlet and beginning to cause localized Solano flooding, provided conditions are safe, residents might rake away to allow free water flow.

Nothing on this blog or linked sites is warranted.  Please contact your city or Solano flood experts for detailed instructions.

Solano business should check their Solano city government home page for Solano storm instructions.  Or visit Solano County capital city Fairfield for instructions at

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