Monday, September 23, 2019

A computer predicts which start-ups would be successful. Interesting says Solano Investors Club

Venture capital (VC)like machines which identify startup winners. Something for Solano investors to consider at Solano Investors Club.

Bloomberg Businessweek funds was not named for compliance reasons. It was discovered that machine predicting software might prove very beneficial in identifying startups that can succeed.  In reality, Solano startups can follow the normal route of having a business plan (even available on software) and take steps from there.  Solano Investors Club suggests this puts your startup ahead of those who may know less about what they are doing.

Join the Solano Investors Club in Fairfield.  VC investors may come from Vacaville, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia and nearby Napa.

More on startup prediction machines.

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