Monday, September 23, 2019

Attacking Solano For Profit Colleges. Big Student Debts Lining College Pockets.

Whats The Future Of Attacking Solano For Profit Colleges?

California’s Democratic-controlled legislature might pull the nation’s toughest restrictions on for-profit colleges. Will they be shut down?

Trump backed away from policing quality. Solano County’s for profit get public money. They are often plagued by fraud and poor outcomes. 

For-profit colleges, vocational schools and online education companies paid $800,000 into lobbying legislators in the first six months of 2019. 

Assemblyman David Chiu said, “The experience we’ve had moving ….. forward highlights the role of money and ….. influence in state capitols around the country”.

Other bills attack profit schools which might rely on Solano County government help. Some Solano for profit colleges are raking in excessive amounts of profits. Meanwhile the Solano college students are burdened with debt.  

Bills are designed to root out fraud and abuse in the Solano industry. That debt in effect lines the college’s profits, says Solano Business News. 

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