Monday, September 23, 2019

Choose To Telecommute From Home Or Drive To Jobs Outside Solano County?

Who is on the forefront for the revolution in working?

Goal is to measure output and not focus on the time worked.

Solano employees prefer to work remotely at home or a nearby shared office so they're not stuck at home. Let your computer become a videoconferencing center.

Develop methods of collaborating by letting distant teammates work together.

Now geography is less important, be it Silicon Valley, San Francisco or reasonably priced Fairfield - Vacaville. This applies if the entrepreneur is at times, always-on, constantly connected during business hours.

Fairfield Co-Working ™ predicts shared office space rentals near one's home is a way to work autonomously but avoid being stuck at home with distractions and being all alone.

Still workers don't like commuting from say Fairfield - Vacaville so seek flexibility from smart companies.  A gallup 2016b report appears to say 43% of U.S. employees worked remotely, at least some of the time. Telecommuting is up from 2012 when it was only 39%. Perhaps there are more Solano County telecommuters than US averages as Solano and nearby San Francisco are often ahead of the business curve.

Will You Choose To Telecommute From Home Or Drive To Higher Paying Jobs Outside Solano County In Say Contra Costa or even San Francisco?

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