Monday, September 23, 2019

Uber Driver Into “Homeless Gym Showering". But Works 60 Hours Wk. Immaculate Car.

Homeless Uber Driver Goes To Gyms For Showering. You Don't Always Know Who You Are Next To In Public Gyms.

Uber Driver Is Homeless In Bay Area, Working 60 Hrs / Week

The homeless Uber driver drives a very nice and clean car. You would never guess it’s  both a sleeping place and workplace. The homeless Uber driver calculates he puts in maybe 60 hours a week driving. 

For bedtime he tries to legally park somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. The practical Uber driver handles his needs by “Homeless Gym Showering” by signing up a gym membershp. He’ll often be vacuum the car. And thank goodness for powering his electronic devices from the car.

With better Solano home rental prices, maybe the driver should consider living in Solano County?

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