Monday, September 23, 2019

Homeless Hurting Solano Business Climate. Will Clients Get More Accustomed To The Zombies?

SF Bay Area Business Taken Over By Homeless. Next Is Solano. It's Hurting Solano Businesses Who Don't Want Their Clients Scared Away.

Donald Trump blasted San Francisco leaders for how poorly the solved the homeless crisis. The situation in San Francisco is a disgrace, just as Trump said. Then there’s the trickledown effect of San Francisco homeless coming to Solano County.

Solano homeless have greatly changed their behavior in the past 6-12 months. They are considerably more aggressive in going to the bathroom anywhere they please in public. It’s worse in San Francisco though.  Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield, Suisun and Vacaville police are not sure how to stem the Solano homelessness tied coming in.

Solano homeless are everywhere: Gas stations, outside shopping centers, on street medians, even making a huge bunch of trash in front yards of people’s homes such as in Vallejo recently.  Solano homeless walk up restaurants sifting through their garbage looking for food. The homeless are effecting commercial real estate prices in the greater Bay Area and may continue until people get more accustomed to the “zombies” walking wherever they may.

Will Trump really round up Solano County’s homeless? Solano Business News asks where will these transients go to get rehabilitated? 

Homeless Continue Hurting The Solano County Business Climate. The Zombies Go Everywhere. Will Clients Get More Accustomed To The Zombies? They May Need To Because It They Are Scared From One Place, They May Encounter Zombies Elsewhere.

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