Monday, September 23, 2019

Solano Went Up. Despite Most Of Bay Area Home Prices Going Down. A Price Change Sea Saw.

Over Priced Homes In Other Parts Of SF Bay Area Bring Buyers To Solano.  While Most Of Bay Area Home Prices Went Down Solano County's Went Up.

Look at the outflow of real estate owners leaving the inner Bay Area and choosing western Solano County's Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield and Suisun. Vacaville is also favored. Though Dixon and Rio Vista are farther out.

The median San Francisco Bay Area price for new and existing houses plus condos fell to $815,000 in July. That's down 4.7% over June, and then 4.1% from July 2019.

San Francisco Bay Area home prices dropped for three straight months.  Meanwhile the San Francisco Bay Area is enjoying a 10 month streak of creating more jobs.

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