Monday, September 23, 2019

Solano Startup Cheat-Sheet To Get Started. Can You Avoid Paying $800 Year CA Corp Reg Fee?

Can you just register your company name to save costs, then incorporate later? Select a type of entity like sole proprietor (non incorporated) or an LLC or C type corporation. Pick your state of maybe Delaware. Pick some number of shares for your new company (don't stress).  How will the shares be divided between your fellow Solano investors?

Many early Solano startups don't know that the annual California state franchise tax is a minimum of $800/year regardless of your profits.  So filing as a sole proprietor can make sense.

You may want to innovate, and get creative.  But company formation might be plain-vanilla as possible. Solano Business News and links doesn't give advice. They may have interesting opinions you don't want to miss.

Many files their corporation papers online (though we aren't legally advising you use Or hire a Solano attorney in Fairfield. Entrepreneurs can just walk into the 80 suite office building and ask the receptionist for any one of the many Fairfield lawyers at 1652 West Texas St in Fairfield. More law firms are there than any other office building in Solano and Napa County.

Cheat Sheet: Google these topics or ask Solano Small Business Center in Fairfield. You don't need to only rely on any one website or person. Solano Business News suggests you always get multiple options from different sources on and off line.

How to Register Your Co. If Fairfield call 707 428-7400
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How to Get Find A Business Incubator in Solano or Napa
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Or get free startup help in Fairfield from Solano Business Incubator. Rent office spaces, meeting rooms, or shared co-working spaces. Even work from home and get a professional address and meeting point in a professional Fairfield office building.  707 434-8000. 

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